Jennifer is a 24 year old published Fine Artist; Draughts-woman and Illustrator from Manchester, specialising in the human form, biology and anatomy. 

Devoted to gaining knowledge that informs her practice she finds her inspiration from statues and sculpture, renaissance art, medical illustration and has a passion for drawing from life. 

Although Jennifer has spent the entirety of her art career drawing, she has a new found love for painting. With an eye for finer details she has a passion for creating accurate and realistic depictions whilst conveying an essence of the subject. After a short but inspiring stint of painting expressively, she discovered her own style of realist painting and after attending dissections was able to draw inspiration, delving deeper and leading to her recent paintings focusing on the inside of the heart. 


After her first life drawing experience back in 2015, she has been infatuated with drawing the human form from life and has devoted hundreds of hours trying to master the skills to create the most precise portrayal.